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    Cameo AuroBeam 150 - 7 x 15 W RGBW LED Unlimited Moving Head, The Cameo AuroBeam 150 is an ultra-fast moving head with unlimited Pan and Tilt movement, 16-bit resolution and a 3,600 Hz refresh rate. Seven 15 Watt Quad RGBW LEDs produce rich colours, fresh pastel colours and vibrant shades of white with a 12° beam angle and a light intensity of 50,000 lux; the Single Pixel Control ensures impressive Pixel Mapping effects. The professional features of the AuroBeam 150 include a low noise temperature controlled fan, Power Twist mains connectors from Neutrik and 3- and 5-pin inputs and outputs for the DMX signal. It can be operated fully automatically with programmable scenes or music, or used in standalone, master or slave mode; when using DMX, 5-channel, 11-channel, 19-channel and 41-channel control modes are available, featuring among others dimmer and strobe functions. The rugged black metal and ABS housing of the Cameo AuroBeam 150 has 6 buttons and a backlit display for easy operation. The AuroBeam Moving Head can be used with all mains voltages from 100 to 240 volts and is sold with a power cable and an Omega mounting bracket. Luminous Intensity: 50,000 lx 1m, Width: 375 mm, Height: 260 mm, Depth: 180 mm,

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